Creating a portrait is not about making the subject look pretty, it’s about understanding their photographic limits, the physiology of their faces, their personality. In creating the right image, sometimes I need to push subjects to overcome nervousness or a reluctance to open up, this requires tact and experience, I have many ways to calm a few nerves.


A portrait of a performer has to capture the essence of the person, or the character they are playing. Most of my clients are established and well known, others are just starting out. Wherever they are in their careers, I work to give them the right shot to capture their unique qualities - that’s the challenge and it’s what I like doing most. I like to involve the subject in a creative partnership, with no rules and no agenda, this means having fun while getting a great portrait shot.


With corporate portraiture The shot has to show the unique qualities of a business leader to share holders, customers and staff. When I go to the client’s offices, I set up well in advance and create a low stress situation. When they come to the studio, the relaxed atmosphere goes a long way to making them comfortable. Because the subjects are busy people, time is often short and a little humour goes a long way to creating the right mood to get the right shot. The objective, as with any portrait, is to capture the essence of the person.